Flash [Movie] Review: Paprika

Paprika (パプリカ | Papurika)
Release date: November 25, 2006
Director: Satoshi Kon

Hello guys! It’s been awhile huh? I’m back now reviewing 2006’s movie Paprika.

Paprika is not a regular japanese animation you find out there, so don’t get fooled by the easygoing and cute appearance of the main character. Paprika explores the “dream surfer” theme and even though it’s very colorful and has an upbeat vibe, the movie is focused on an adult audience.

My overall thought about this movie is that It seems like you get off a high speed train right into the story so you are obligated to understand the movie while things are already happening. Did I explain my point? I’ll be clearer.

The plot, in a nutshell, is the following: A team of psychoterapists formed by Kosaku Tokita and Chiba Atsuko among others, are developing a machine called “DC Mini”. This machine allows people to enter someone else’s dreams and manipulate them in many ways but, since this gadget is not fully developed, It cannot be market. Meanwhile, the movie’s protagonist uses the equipment to try to help people with their mental problems, and she does that until someone starts to mess up with people’s mind, controlling them and threatening lives in order to conquer the world.

The movie develops really quickly, so if you don’t pay close attention, you might get lost in the middle of all the information that pops out the screen as the seconds passes. The only real problem of the movie is that the pace is not really well put.

Although the conflict is already there in the beginning, is just after the middle of the it that the villain really makes himself present in the movie, fighting directly with the protagonist. Before that, you only see Paprika dealing with side stories (that in some point connects with the main plot) and Atsuko walking around doing things that doesn’t seem to be related at all with what Paprika is doing.

Anyway, after some point you don’t really know anymore what is reality and what is dream, which is one of the biggest highlights of the movie. The idea of “dream surfing” is very well executed and it compensates for some flaws in the movie.

The ending, unfortunately, is a little dissapointing but nothing that spoils the fun.

Overall Rating: Great / Very Good / Good / Regular / crap.


Mash-up Corner: Dirty Dream (Miryo vs. Katy Perry)

Hello! I’m back with a new Mash-up Corner. This time is Dirty Dream (Miryo vs. Katy Perry). This mash-up was pretty obvious since Dirty sounds like a rap version of Teenage Dream.
I made this mash-up some weeks ago but forgot to post here. I hope you like it!

By the way, I enabled the download for both Sunday Morning Girl and this mashup as well, so if you like it, you can download.

Thank you!

[—] Is Just What You Can’t See – Part 2

Hello! I know a long time has passed since the last post but I was busy! Sorry! I promised to post more often!

Well, in the end of 2010, I published a post abut some forgotten jewels a.k.a. amazing album tracks that not everyone was aware about, and here I’m once again to present some good songs that sometimes people don’t always notice.

From2010 to now I’ve been listening to a lot of new sounds, so I’ll try to be more diversified this time! Le’s go:

  BENI – Signal

Signal is the b-side of the famous single “Kiss Kiss Kiss” by BENI. In this amazing track, BENI brings back the good’n’old RnB mixed with some dance. The repeated “Oh Oh Oh Oh” in the entire song sounds very interesting and it gives rhythm to the song.   It’s impossible to not dance along with this song. In a nutshell, Signal could easily have been the a-side of the single.

Brown Eyed Girls – Addiction

Addiction lives up to its name! It’s quite amazing how well the song was made and the clever use of autotune just in certain parts that gave an awesome feeling! The vocals in this song are just superb and Miryo’s performance is one of her best in their entire discography. You really should check this song out! I do believe that this song could be the main title of Sound G or of a mini-album.

  Tohoshinki – Back to Tomorrow

After the sort of disbandment of Tohoshinki, I was very skeptical of how good HoMin could continue with the activities under the “Tohoshinki” name. Their korean comeback wasn’t that good, and the lyrics of ” (Why?) Keep Your Head Down” were clearly about JYJ showing how much SM can be malicious. But I was surprised with their new japanese album, “TONE”. The album has really good tunes and Back To Tomorrow is a wonderful song and I love especially the “love love love” parts ’cause they made you go into the song and feel everything it expresses even if you don’t know japanese.

Crystal Kay – Deaeta Kiseki

It’s such a shame that many asian music fans don’t pay attention to Crystal Kay even though she really deserves some. I’ve to admit that I didn’t pay attention to her either but when It was announced that BoA would collaborate with her in a song for CKay’s new single I started wanting to know new things about her! That’s when I downloaded the single where Deaeta Kiseki is. The whole single is amazing and it makes you wonder why CKay isn’t that famous in the a-music world you know, because she’s really talented! Deaeta Kiseki is a sweet mid-tempo that is really pleasant to listen to. With very breezy vocals, Crystal conduces the song beautifuly and the backvocals are just gorgeous, blending well with the whole vibe.

Epik High – Pieces of You feat. Jisun from Loveholic

I’m a big fan of Epik High so  It was very hard to chose a single song to include here but I think I made a good choice. Pieces of You is beyond gourgeous and a example of how good orchestrated songs can blend really well with melodious vocals and powerful rapping. Jisun steals the spotlight with the amazing chorus! The lyrics are so emotional and Jisun handles it pretty well singing in a vulnarable way that makes you fall in love immediately. Tablo and Mithra are awesome as always! The instrumental is another highlight of the song, especially the whole last part. The violins are pure love! Definitely a must listen!

I hope you guys liked the whole selection! I had a hard time choosing this songs but I hope I did a good job! If you have suggestions please tell me! I will be very happy to receive them! Thank you!

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Taking a Deeper Look: Rainbow – To Me

Here we are with the first “Taking a Deeper Look” post. I’l try to make this section something regular on the blog but I can’t promise anything! To start, I chose Rainbow’s “To Me” music video! My objetive in this kind of post is to analyse carefully music videos, so everyone can enjoy masterpieces like this one, that not everybody appreciate in a first look. So Let’s start!

The music video starts with a car entering a garage, and we feel relieved ’cause we thought the music video would feature only the girls dancing in an empty room.

After a while, we found out that there was a couple in the car, and things start to get interesting once one of the Rainbow girls is seem spying them! In this point we feel that this music video won’t be dull!

Ok, the ostentation arrived! Apparently the ostentation trend was just a caracteristic of YG but no, DSP Media wanted to “innovate” by getting a fancy car and a bunch of Iphones.

Kpop wouldn’t be Kpop if there weren’t an empty room to the girls dance isn’t? The empty room showed up  along with the Monochromatic Future Award winner hook.

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When Quantity wins over Quality

Sorry for the crappy cut on the SNSD girls

It’s no surprise for anybody that Girls’ Generation is one of the biggest girlgroups out there, and aiming to be even more popular their company, SM Entertainment seems to be pushing too hard to achieve the objetive. Many Kpop groups are migrating to Japan, so it was very natural that Girls’ Generation were doing the same but recently (not really recently) the girls were criticized for their poor japanese.

I found that really embarassing considering that they are promoting in Japan for over an year and the only member who has good japanese skills is Sooyoung. Last couple days, the girls were promoting in America the recent release of The Boys in USA. In the live presentation in the Late Show with David Letterman they did a very good job, singing live, something they don’t do that often anymore, but since they were just musical guests there was no interview, but in Live! with Kelly they “talked”. I said “talked” because the only one speaking was Tiffany while the others (even Jessica for my dissapointment) were with that “let’s-pretend–we-are-understading-the-conversation” face. They did a lot of that face back in the time they were promoting their japanese debut in Japan.

I just think that SM Entertainment is too eager to earn money that they’re not even worrying about simple things as teaching English to the girls if they are going to release English material. By the way, they have this problem with all their artists, treating them as products (SNSD was promoting a water purifier brand, I mean, what the hell does water purifier have to do with music?) and caring less and less about the music, which in theory is the main priority of a musical group.

Another group that is worrying me is T-ara. They said that they would go to an event through the subway if they were to win the first place on Inkigayo. They won and they did what they promised. Well, that’s ok for me, but after that, T-ara announced that they would do charity work if they win the triple crown on Inkigayo.

I found that very disrespectful to their fans and to music itself! What are they doing? They need to beg now? Isn’t their music enough to win so they need to blackmail their fans?

Even though I really like Yayaya, Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey, I’m not sure if the direction that their music is going is right and all those “promises” they are making sounds like desperation to me.

The korean musical scene is very plastic and superficial, at least apparently, but I’m really concerned with what the recording labels are transforming “Kpop” into.

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Mash-up Corner: Sunday Morning Girl (Koda Kumi vs. The Bolshoi)


I’ve been doing mashups since a long time ago, but I don’t have time anymore to promote them and such, so I sort of gave up releasing things under my “AhtkaChan” pseudonym, but I love to do it, so I decided that sometimes I’ll post here some mashups that eventually cross my mind.

This time it’s Sunday Morning Girl (Koda Kumi vs. The Bolshoi)! The idea of this mash-up came when I heard the similarity between the beats of both songs. Since there is no official instrumental of Sunday Morning available I focused in Kumi’s adlibbing.

I hope everyone likes it!

Monochromatic Future Awards 2011: Best of Korean Music

Hello! I came here to present to you guys the 1st (and I hope not the last) Monochromatic Future Awards! Bringing the best (and worse) of 2011 of  Kpop! Since many blogs out there did this kind of post I wanted to present some new… categories. Well, I hope you have  fun with it as much as I had when I was choosing the winners! Let’s begin! Continue reading ‘Monochromatic Future Awards 2011: Best of Korean Music’



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